Feldman, Ray forsake bachelorhood, but still married to running


January 02, 1996|By Michael Reeb | Michael Reeb,SUN STAFF

The prospect of marriage has done nothing to slow their pace.

Bob Feldman and Bob Ray, Baltimore Road Runners Club members and stalwarts of the running community, were longtime -- some would say permanent -- bachelors.

But Feldman was married Sept. 8, and Ray has announced his engagement.

Running has not become a casualty of the institution. In fact, after a layoff of eight years, Feldman recently returned to running.

"I did the New York City Marathon in 1987," says Feldman, 45. "I had lower back problems after that and it got to the point that it was just not fun anymore.

"I just started back in early November. Sometimes, I just measure minutes. I remember how I was running well 10 years ago and didn't appreciate it. I would rather run slowly than not at all."

Ray, 58, is believed to hold the second longest streak of having run every day for the past 28 3/4 years. His engagement hasn't cost him many steps.

"I gave up marathons, but I got a good woman -- that's what counts," says Ray, who plans on running his 100,000th career mile on July 4. "Marathons are easy to come by, but a good woman's hard to find. I've slowed down enough that a fast woman caught me."

Feldman never strayed far from the running community during his layoff, holding BRRC offices and chairing the club's annual bull roast for eight years.

"I'm not training for anything," says Feldman, who works for the Social Security Administration and is the official chronicler of Ray's streak. "It's just for the fitness and the social part of it."

Ray's fiancee, Cindy Jennings, was a non-runner when she met him, but has taken up the sport.

"She's not a runner, but she's good enough that she puts a hurt on me when she sprints," Ray says. "She's progressing up to the [Race for the] Cure next year."

Feldman's wife, Linda, does not run.

"She likes to walk and do aerobics," Feldman says.

Gateway Mile update

The second annual Annapolis Gateway Mile, co-sponsored by the Annapolis Striders and the Maryland Masters Track Club, will be held April 20 at 7:30 p.m. on Rowe Boulevard.

Entry fee is $4 for Striders and Masters Track members and $5 for others.

For information, call Dan Masterson at (410) 268-2314.



The weekend's top finishers:


Last Train to Boston Marathon

At APG-Edgewood Area

Males: 1. Mike Rinko, 2:30:24; 2. Jim Griffith, 2:38:44; 3. Mark Jones, 2:40:43; 4. James Pryde, 2:42:25; 5. Richard Ferguson, 2:51:54; 6. Mark Sullivan, 2:57:58; 7. Adam McKane, 2:58:02; 8. Jeff Hinte, 2:58:50; 9. Joseph Farley, 2:58:51; 10. Henry Danuer, 3:03:13.

Females: 1. Laura Nelson, 3:07:30; 2. Patti Shull, 3:14:09; 3. Le Ann Myhre, 3:24:44; 4. Eileen Telford, 3:31:06; 5. Eileen McCormick, 3:41:35; 6. Patti Williams, 3:58:57; 7. Kate Sutherland, 4:01:01; 8. Rita Twist, 4:07:38; 9. Leslie Poss, 4:43:03.


RASAC St. Mary's 6-Miler

Males: 11 o'clock race -- 1. Jeff Hinte, 38:22; 2. Mike Feinberg, 39:35; 3. Nathan Boyer, 39:45; 4. Jim Adams, 40:45; 5. Louis Pilsch, 42:02. 9 o'clock race -- 1. Greg Thompson, 38:43; 2. Phil Schoenig, 39:49; 3. Wilson Gorrell, 40:31.

Females: 1. Margaret Starnes, 41:08; 2. Tracey Lawler, 47:23; 3. Cindy Carpenter, 50:01; 4. Kacie Remeto, 50:21; 5. Kim Fleming, 50:43.

WRRC Winfield Mile

At South Carroll High School

Males: 1. Ted Poulos, 34, 4:47; 2. Bill Gale, 46, 4:48; 3. Joe Varrone, 39, 5:03; 4. Sean Rayford, 16, 5:06; 5. Bobby Ward, 16, 5:07. Masters: 1. Gale.

Females: 1. Christy Curley, 33, 5:19; 2. Cristine Meadows, 25, 6:13; 3. Lealia Price, 16, 6:42; 4. Janice Chason, 41, 6:39; 5. Dee Nelson, 52, 7:12. Masters: 1. Chason.

Coming events

Saturday, MCRRC Wintery Rock Creek Run 4-miler, 1-miler, Rockville, 9 a.m., (301) 353-0200.

Saturday, BRRC Cross Country Series 5-Miler, Baybrook Park, 10 a.m., (410) 243-3153.

Sunday, North Harford 10K, Pylesville, 8 a.m., (410) 836-1784.

Jan. 14, Hinte-Anderson Snow Run 5-6-miler, Susquehanna State Park, 8 a.m., (410) 879-7679.

Jan. 14, WRRC Mighty Medford Freeway 5K, Westminster, noon, (410) 857-5154.

Jan. 20, MCRRC Slip-Sligo Away 4-miler, 1-miler, Silver Spring, 9 a.m., (301) 353-0200.

Jan. 21, Great Snowflake Chase 5-, 10-Milers, Big Run State Park, 10 a.m., (301) 463-6231.

Jan. 28, WRRC Bear Run Four-Miler, Westminster, noon, (410) 848-5423.

Jan. 28, Super Bowl Party and 5K Race, Sheraton Baltimore North, 4 p.m., (410) 377-8882.

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