The one that got away

January 02, 1996

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George rushed for 1,927 yards this season, but never got a chance to pick up 6 inches that might have reversed Ohio State's 20-14 loss to Tennessee in the Citrus Bowl yesterday.

With Ohio State trailing 17-14 with just over five minutes left, the Buckeyes were on the move when they faced fourth-and-inches at midfield.

"It was an option play," Buckeyes coach John Cooper said. "If you had noticed, we had just run inside -- we know that they're going to jam up inside again. We wanted to get Eddie outside and we thought the option would give us that chance.

"I figured if we can't make 6 inches with a Heisman Trophy back, we're not going to win anyway."

Bob Hoying took the snap and made two quick steps right before pitching the ball -- right into the side of the helmet of George's lead blocker, fullback Matt Calhoun. Tennessee's Tori Noel recovered to squelch the threat.

"Usually, the fullback is out of the way," Hoying said. "I should still wait and let him clear. I don't really know how good a play it would have been if it had been a good pitch."

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