Good Samaritan tries to help friend, loses $300

November 30, 1995

A Littlestown, Pa., woman paid a heavy price for an act of kindness Saturday.

Westminster police said that while helping a friend recover a lost dog, Tonya Lee Close said she placed her purse containing about $300 on the trunk of a parked car.

The owner of that car returned and drove away, apparently not knowing the purse was on the trunk, police said.

Witnesses told police that the purse fell off the car's trunk on Charles Street.

A driver of a small blue car stopped, retrieved the purse from the street and drove away.

Police said they had no suspects.

Liquor board approves license for golf course Carroll County's liquor board has approved a Class C Beer, Wine and Liquor license for River Downs Golf Course Limited Partnership in Finksburg.

The license, which was approved Nov. 14, will allow alcohol to be sold to members of the golf club.

Class C licenses usually are issued to social and fraternal organizations that do not operate for profit.

The club, which is known as River Downs Golfers Club, is led by Richard Allan Moore, Perry Allen Levin and Thomas G. Somers.

No one expressed opposition to the license, liquor board members said.

As a condition of the license, board members required Golfsouth Management Inc., which runs the River Downs golf course, to sign a statement that none of the gross receipts from the sale of alcohol will be part of Golfsouth's management fee.


Westminster: Westminster and Reese units responded to a fire alarm on Clifton Boulevard at 12:23 a.m. Tuesday. They returned in 39 minutes.

Westminster: Westminster, Reese, Pleasant Valley, Manchester and Hampstead units responded to a building fire at 6:18 p.m. Tuesday in the 400 block of Englar Road. Units were out an hour and five minutes.

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