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November 30, 1995|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,SUN STAFF

Funky sums up Joannie Friedman's style. How else to describe a woman who wore silk beaded boots to her son's wedding and mixes exercise gear with evening attire?

Look for the Pikesville mother of three to wear a strikingly offbeat outfit to the Homes for the Holidays preview party tomorrow night at Owings Mills New Town. The benefit for People Encouraging People will feature six homes decorated for the holidays. Free tours take place Saturday through Dec. 17. (Tickets to the party are $25. For more information, call (410) 764-8560.)

Ms. Friedman, chair of the event, believes she was born to dress in an unconventional way. "Even as a young kid, I liked pulling things together that appealed to me rather than wearing what other people thought matched," she says. "I wasn't afraid to show my individuality."

How does your style change around the holidays?

I'm a fun dresser. Around the holidays, I really like to mix fabrics, add scarves and if I have anything with glitter, I like to wear that. In deciding what outfit I'm going to wear, I always pick my shoes first. I love hats, but I'm a real shoe freak.

Have you picked out your shoes for Friday night yet?

I know I'll be on my feet a lot and dancing a lot, so I'm going to wear black suede boots that have a zipper in the back.

What will you wear with that?

Navy velvet pants and a black Donna Karan top with full sleeves. I'll add a belt with fringe. It's very festive looking.

Overall, how would you describe your look?

Eclectic. I was in New York last March shopping for a dress for my son's wedding and a woman came up to me and said, "I live in New York and I see it all, but your outfit has a little of everything and it all works." She really captured how I like to dress.

Can you explain how you do that?

I'll wear a black leather vest and dressy suede boots with an exercise outfit -- a miniskirt, bodysuit and stretch pants. It works. I'd wear it anywhere.

Have you ever wound up feeling out of place?

Once. I'm Jewish and there was an alternative service at my synagogue last spring. I assumed that also meant less formal, so I wore a western outfit -- boots, a hat and pants. That was the only time I've felt like I wanted to hide.

Who are favorite designers?

Donna Karan and Richard Tyler.

Where do you shop?

In Baltimore, I'll go to Ruth Shaw and Nordstrom. For crazy shoes, I go to New York -- Bloomingdale's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?

Over 100. I have a wild pair of cowboy boots that I bought in Boston. They're red, yellow, green and black leather. Years ago, I also had these gladiator boots that tied up to the knee. They were half leather and half string.

What would you like to add to your wardrobe this winter?

I'd like to find more miniskirts in that shiny vinyl, but I've been too busy to go shopping.

Is there anything in your closet you now wonder why you bought?

I have some conservative blouses that I would say aren't me. I did wear them at one time, but I feel very restricted in them.

What one outfit makes you feel your best?

For evening, a Richard Tyler black fitted jacket and long skirt with a high waist and slit. I'll wear that with a white halter top, a crazy scarf and short silky boots. I feel very elegant and sophisticated in that.

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