Manpower report sees weak job growth


November 29, 1995

The Baltimore area is expected to have weak employment growth in the first quarter of next year, according to a survey released yesterday by Manpower Inc., the temporary employment agency.

"Everybody generally agrees that Baltimore has had a slow recovery from the recession," said Ann Henderson, the district manager who oversees Manpower's Baltimore office.

The "Baltimore Employment Outlook Survey," as the poll is called, shows that 3 percent of employers contacted about their labor plans will add people this winter and that 8 percent foresee fewer workers.

Another 83 percent think their staffing will remain constant, and 6 percent cannot predict their plans now, the survey said.

"The health care field is still strong in Baltimore," said Ms. Henderson.

"Johns Hopkins is a strong anchor employer in Baltimore," she said.

Still, Ms. Henderson said, Baltimore -- like many metropolitan areas -- suffers from a weak employment picture due to corporate downsizing and mergers.

"You're seeing downsizing all over the country -- it's still going on," she said.

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