Robinson offers to quit O's job Asst. GM to submit resignation again

November 28, 1995|By Buster Olney | Buster Olney,SUN STAFF

Orioles assistant general manager Frank Robinson confirmed last night that he offered his resignation several weeks ago.

Owner Peter Angelos did not accept Robinson's resignation then, telling him to wait for the next general manager to be hired. But yesterday, hours after the Orioles announced the hiring of new GM Pat Gillick -- a choice Robinson called "outstanding" -- Robinson said he likely will offer his resignation again soon.

"I think I probably will [resign] at some time in the next three weeks or so," said Robinson, who plans to meet with Gillick tomorrow. "That's what I hope to try to get [resolved] on Wednesday, and see what [Gillick's] thinking is."

Robinson, 60, has been with the Orioles for 19 years, the last five as an assistant general manager. During the 1995 season, as the club floundered and it became apparent general manager Roland Hemond would not be retained, Robinson's influence within the organization waned.

At midseason, Robinson began to serve as a part-time hitting coach, dressing in uniform several hours before games. Since the end of the season, Robinson rarely has been involved in meetings or decisions about player personnel. He was not a candidate to replace Hemond, who resigned Oct. 20.

Seeing a bleak future for himself with the Orioles, Robinson decided to tender his resignation. "I just didn't see anything working out here," Robinson said. "I was getting frustrated, and I wasn't involved in the baseball stuff. I felt like it was better to cut it clean.

"I felt that way because nothing is happening here. No one is talking to me about anything. I'm not involved in anything."

Robinson, whose contract expires Dec. 31, acknowledged that Gillick will have to persuade him to stay with the Orioles. Robinson wants a "meaningful job for me, not just a position."

Gillick said yesterday that he wants to meet with all members of the organization before assigning specific responsibilities. "Frank's been with this organization a long time," Gillick said, "and I don't see any reason why he wouldn't remain."

Gillick held his first organizational meeting yesterday, and Robinson did not participate -- which bothered him. "They knew where I was," Robinson said. "All they have to do is pick up the phone and call the clubhouse. I was down there, working with Jeffrey Hammonds."

Robinson was interviewed to become general manager of the San Diego Padres, but 11 days ago that job went to Kevin Towers. Club sources in San Diego indicate that Padres chief executive Larry Lucchino, who offered Robinson a job as a special assistant last spring, could offer him a similar job. That has not happened, Robinson said.

What if Robinson resigns from the Orioles and does not land with the Padres? "I'll become a free agent," said Robinson, adding that he probably would retire before accepting a job with minimal authority.

What would he do then?

"That's a good question," Robinson said. "I would have to turn attention to it at the time."

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