25 years agoMr. and Mrs. Charles Lohoefer, Mt. Airy, were...


November 26, 1995|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lohoefer, Mt. Airy, were frightened Saturday night when a shot came through the window of the living room where Mrs. Lohoefer was watching television. A piece of the flying glass hit the arm of Mrs. Lohoefer. Shots were fired at other homes in the vicinity the same evening and $H recently several mail boxes have been knocked down. It is

sincerely hoped that the police will find out who is terrifying this neighborhood. -- Community Reporter, Nov. 27, 1970.

50 years ago

Arthur M. Zile, manager of Borden's Ice Cream Co., of Westminster, and John G. Shipley, one of the route salesmen, attended a dinner at the Southern Hotel in Baltimore given by the Borden Co. of New York in honor of the men and women of the company who have been in the service of the company 25 or more years. In recognition of this service, the Borden Co. has organized these employees into a Borden's Quarter-Century Club which will meet regularly. Each member will receive a certificate of service from the president of the company and a gold pin set with a diamond. The pin bears a bust likeness of Gale Borden, the founder of the company, and is stamped with 25 in Roman numerals. -- Democratic Advocate, Nov. 23, 1945.

100 years ago

Christopher Gunther, near this city, made a narrow escape from death by a singular accident on Sunday last. He went into the stall of a horse in his stable for some purpose and became entangled in the rope of the halter by which the animal was tied and which, being very long, wrapped around his body. The horse then threw his weight backward drawing the rope so tight that severe injury was inflicted and death would have ensued if Mr. Gunther's son had not discovered his father's dangerous plight and, getting a knife, cut the rope. Mr. Gunther has now well nigh recovered from the effect of the injury sustained. -- American Sentinel, Nov. 21, 1895.

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