They've Done It Again

November 26, 1995

Three winners of Sun Magazine's 1995 Photo Contest have also earned prizes in the 60th Annual Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Awards. They are Karl G. Franz of Baltimore, a $250 Honor Award for his color abstract picture of a tugboat bumper; Richard M. Caplan of Baltimore, a $50 Special Merit Award for a black-and-white abstract of railroad tracks near Fort McHenry; and Robert J. Lennon of New Freedom, Pa., a $50 Special Merit Award for his color landscape shot of Red Square, Lenin's Tomb and the Kremlin in Moscow (pictured above).

All three men were invited to an awards ceremony and dinner at the National Geographic Society's Explorers Hall in Washington on Nov. 8.

All the winning photos (more than 250) will be on display through Jan. 15, 1996, at Explorers Hall, 17th and M streets N.W. If you're looking for an exciting day trip, this is one. Just remember to look for Sun Magazine's winners.

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