Naden/Lean honored as a 'Digest 50' firm


November 24, 1995

A Lutherville-based accounting company, Naden/Lean, has been named to the Digest 50 list of the nation's top accounting firms.

The Digest 50 list is compiled by Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing. It recognizes accounting firms that have made "unique and distinguished contributions" to the profession."

"We are thrilled to be named to the Digest 50," said Paul H. Naden, the senior partner who started the firm in 1956.

Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing is the publisher of a large number of books and other materials for accounting professionals.

The Digest 50 firms are selected from applications made by the firms themselves, said Allan Cohen, the managing partner of Naden/Lean, which offers both accounting and consulting services.

Mr. Cohen said one of the reasons that Naden/Lean was selected relates to its emphasis on technology.

"We're one of the top firms in the country for office automation," Mr. Cohen said.

Rather than confronting its business clients with thick printed financial statements in black and white type, Naden/Lean accountants usher clients into a conference room where their financial statements are projected via a laptop computer onto a large screen in the form of color charts, Mr. Cohen said.

"We realize that accounting is not the most exciting thing in the world. We try to make it more interesting," he said.

Naden/Lean also was recognized for its client service in the area of computer technology, according to Mr. Cohen.

"Our technology staff can go out and hook up accounting and productivity software, as well as hardware, for our clients," he said.

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