Future of Savage Fest will be topic of meeting


November 23, 1995|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

THERE WILL be a Savage Community Association meeting on Monday at Carroll Baldwin Hall to discuss whether it will be possible to hold a Savage Fest after all.

As of now, there will not be a festival, because not enough people volunteered to help run the fair.

It's not a difficult undertaking, but it does require a dozen people to organize the dealers, the refreshments, the entertainment and the parade.

Bill Waff, the Savage Community Association president, has been contacted by the local Jaycees, who would like to discuss either running the fair themselves or in conjunction with the community association. So, it looks as if there may be a fair, after all.

The question is what kind of fair.

There's been a suggestion that perhaps the Bowling Brook and North Laurel community associations might like to participate.

All of these proposals would broaden the base of the fair-goers and presumably of volunteers to run the fair. Of course, the nature of the fair might change, too.

So, in short, the Monday meeting of the Savage group is important to the survival of the fair and its direction.

Until now, it has reflected the character of Savage itself: a small friendly, family-oriented fair.

It's difficult to schedule anything at this time of year, but this is really the last opportunity to make the fair work.

All interested parties, current and former volunteers of the fair, newcomers looking for a neat way to make friends in the community and longtime residents with a little time on their hands are urged to come to the meeting with suggestions and with a willingness to commit to the project. The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at Carroll Baldwin Hall on the corner of Baltimore and Foundry streets in Savage.

New crossing guard

Monday, there will be a new crossing guard at the intersection of Savage-Guilford Road and Baltimore Street.

This will probably cause some confusion at first, because there isn't even a stop sign at that intersection. Parents are strongly urged to have children cross at the intersection. The Bollman Bridge PTA has been fighting for five years to get a crossing guard there, but if too few children use the crossing, the crossing guard will vanish.

Volunteer gardener

I ran into Leighton Bourgin at Bollman Bridge Elementary last week. I mean that almost literally: She was scuttling backward on hands and knees from a raised flower bed by the school entrance, and I almost bumped into her.

It was a miserably cold, wet, nasty day. And this elegant mother of two was in waders and leather gloves planting liriope and pampas grass in the school's hedge borders.

She had been dividing her perennials in her own garden and thought the school could use a few. She even got plants from neighbor Deb Schultz. And there she was on a wet November morning, planting unprepossessing twigs in muddy soil.

She tells me the liriope, day lilies and grasses will look terrific by spring and will return year after year. It's sort of like education: Knowledge planted in unprepossessing circumstances grows to impressive proportions after a hard winter.

3' All we need is to do that planting.

PTA says thanks

Forest Ridge Elementary PTA would like to thank the harried volunteers who helped to distribute gift wrap from their recent sale.

Special thanks go to Sandy Benz, Peggy Chagnon, Angie Gallas, Nancy Horrom, Bev Lee, Lisa Nickell, Denise Pond, Judy Rocco, Nancy Scienzo, Karen Stinnett, Rachel Stockstill, Marlene Sullivan, Linda Wieman and Janette Wilson.

E9 The gift wrap sales netted the PTA more than $12,000.

Baby program

Registration begins this Monday for "You and Me Babe," a library program for 1-year-olds and a parent.

The 20-minute program will be at 10:30 a.m. Dec. 4 at the Savage library.

Interested babies can have their parents call the library at (410) 880-5978 for details and directions.

Not wishing to slight older siblings, the Savage library will also present "Twist and Shout," a music and movement program for 2- and 3-year-olds and their parents.

The program is from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Dec. 9. Registration begins at 10 a.m. Dec. 1.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Lourdes Sullivan's column appears a day early because of holiday editions.

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