Turkey Dressing All the trimmings: After the flashy presentation -- on the runway or the platter -- finding a practical use for the "leftovers."

November 23, 1995|By Vida Roberts | Vida Roberts,SUN FASHION EDITOR

Consider the turkey, a silly looking creature which is made to wear mismatched trappings that defy all standards of avian elegance -- tail feathers without sweep or grace, bloomer thighs, a protuberant breast and scruffy and mottled maquillage. As such, they are not unlike designer fantasies that sometimes flap on fashion runways.

However, the best designers (Mother Nature included) indulge in this tomfoolery to excite other turkeys and the fashion flock. They gobble it up -- the preening, the pecking, the strutting models.

Under those excessive and over-blown displays, however, designers launch sound and innovative ideas. Eliminate the goofy feathers and exaggerated parts, let the idea cook for a while, accent with classic trimmings and you find a level of style and taste with wide-ranging popular appeal.

Retailers and buyers pluck ideas from the runway, but they dress them down to make them palatable to the consumer. When clothes finally hit the stores, they are made to be adjustable to varying degrees of fashion temperature. Skirts that barely cover the fanny will gain extra inches in length. Jackets shown over nothing but body lotion will be shipped with a matching bra or camisole. See-through vinyl dresses may be recut as a tote or raingear. Shoes that are built on a 3-inch platform with a 5-inch heel will be flattened to more realistic proportions.

In fashion, even turkeys eventually have their day.

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