School system offers new plan for redistricting Proposal contains major differences from three weeks ago

'Trying to accommodate'

Boundary revisions made after receiving parent suggestions

November 22, 1995|By Howard Libit | Howard Libit,SUN STAFF

The county school system outlined a new redistricting proposal last night that includes several substantial changes from the boundary lines suggested to parents three weeks ago.

"By listening carefully [to parents after the original presentation] and trying to accommodate, we made some major changes," Associate Superintendent Maurice Kalin told the school board.

The proposal must undergo scrutiny from board members and parents, but it is likely to form the basis for next year's new boundary lines. The board is to make a final decision on redistricting Jan. 25 after several work sessions and hearings.

The school system adjusts boundary lines nearly every year to take into account enrollment growth and new schools. The 37,500-pupil system is expected to grow by 10,500 students -- and as many as 14 schools -- in the next decade.

For next fall, the system is to open two new high schools -- Long Reach and River Hill -- and a new elementary school on Ilchester Road.

The biggest changes from the proposal presented to parents earlier included a recommendation not to redistrict Columbia Hills next fall from Centennial High School to Wilde Lake High.

Also, Howard High students from south of Route 175 would remain at Howard one more year and would be transferred to Hammond High for 1997.

But Dr. Kalin said he could not find a way to keep Elkridge students east of Interstate 95 at Howard High, saying they needed to be sent to the new Long Reach High.

The new recommendations for high school include:

* Sending to River Hill High Atholton students who live west of Pindell School Road and on streets that feed only onto Pindell School Road, Atholton students who live on streets that exit only onto Route 216 up to and including Murphy, three Centennial High students on Gaither Farm Road and Glenelg High students who live south of Triadelphia Road and on streets that exit only onto Triadelphia.

Glenelg High students who live south of the Mount Hebron High School boundary line and east of the intersection of Triadelphia Road and Route 144 also would be transferred to River Hill.

* Sending to Centennial High those Mount Hebron High students who live west of New Cut Road. Twenty-four of the 71 students in this area will be juniors next fall, and Dr. Kalin recommended that they be permitted to stay at Mount Hebron if they provide their own transportation.

* Sending to Long Reach High those Howard High students who live east of I-95 to Route 100, south of Route 100 to Montgomery Road, south of Montgomery Road to Waterloo Road, east of Waterloo Road to Davis Road and south of Davis Road to Hayshed Lane. Howard High students who live on streets that feed only onto Hayshed Lane -- up to the intersection of Tamar Drive -- also would be transferred.

Dr. Kalin recommended that students who will be freshmen, sophomores and juniors be transferred next fall, but that those who will be seniors be permitted to stay at their current school.

The proposal would create an "island" of Howard High students in the area bordered by Route 32, Route 175 and Snowden River Parkway. Those students would need to be bused through the Long Reach High area to Howard for next year, and would be redistricted to Hammond High for fall 1997 after Hammond's addition is completed, Dr. Kalin said.

The new elementary school recommendations include:

* Sending to Rockburn Elementary School those Elkridge Elementary School students south of Ducketts Lane to U.S. 1 and south of U.S. 1 to the Deep Run Elementary School boundary. Elkridge Elementary students on streets that only exit onto Ducketts Lane also would move.

* Sending to the new Ilchester Elementary School the Rockburn students who live on streets that only exit onto Ilchester Road -- including Kerger Road -- and pupils on streets that exit only onto Kerger. Rockburn students on streets that only exit onto Route 104 also would be transferred.

* Sending to Rockburn those Waterloo Elementary School students on streets that only exit onto Meadowridge Road.

* Sending to the new elementary school those Worthington Elementary School students on streets that only exit onto Montgomery Road, between Stonecrest Drive and New Cut Road.

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