1995 All-Howard County volleyball team

November 21, 1995

The teams

Player of the Year: Elisa Davidson, Glenelg

Coach of the Year: Marlene Janis, Glenelg

First team

Name, School, Year, Position

Elisa Davidson, Glenelg, Senior, Hitter

Meredith Price, Centennial, Junior, Hitter

Kate Hannas, Mount Hebron, Senior, Hitter

Lisa Skaggs, Oakland Mills, Senior, Hitter

Eileen McQueeney, Atholton, Senior, Setter

Sylvia Kaltreider, Mount Hebron, Senior, Setter

Jen Klimm, Centennial, Senior, Setter

Second team

Name, School, Year, Position

Heather Tolkach, Centennial, Senior, Hitter

Jen West, Centennial, Senior, Hitter

Madigan Marth, Atholton, Junior, Hitter

Rachael Grantham, Howard, Junior, Hitter

Karolina Michniewicz, Oakland Mills, Senior, Hitter

Marisha McLaughlin, Hammond, Senior, Setter

Amber Rieg, Glenelg, Sophomore, Setter

Beth Lindblad, Wilde Lake, Senior, Setter

Honorable mention: Cara Franklin, Glenelg, Sr. hitter, Andie Marks, Glenelg, Jr., hitter, Mary Valverde, Wilde Lake, Jr., setter., Jessica Edwards, Atholton, Jr., hitter, Jean Haverstick, Oakland Mills, Sr., setter; Sarah Eberhart, Mount Hebron, Sr., hitter, Kerri Quinn, Mount Hebron, Jr., setter, Kathleen O'Connor, So., hitter; Briana Zolak, So., hitter, Amanda Smith, Mount Hebron, Sr., hitter.

Player of the Year

Elisa Davidson, Glenelg, senior: "Elisa is a dominant player in every aspect of the game," said Glenelg coach Marlene Janis. "She's very smart. She's the best hitter I've seen at the high school level, she's a good setter and plays very good defense. She can do it all." Davidson had 342 kill shots, made 90 percent of her serves (57 aces), blocked 32 shots and had 176 assists. She helped the Gladiators to 2A state titles this season and in her sophomore year. Colleges are looking at Davidson as a hitter and/or setter. "She was the nucleus of the team," said Janis. "She really came on as a leader this year. The kids looked up to her."

Coach of the Year

Marlene Janis, Glenelg: "I really enjoyed the kids this year," said Janis, whose team won the 2A state title for the second time in three years. Although she knew she had a dominant player in Elisa Davidson, Janis, in her 11th season, said finding a setter and filling in the other pieces of the starting lineup was difficult. The low point of the 17-4 season was a five-game loss to Atholton. "I think that loss was good for us in the long run," Janis said. "It served as a wake-up call." Her team never lost after that game, including a five-game victory over Centennial, handing the Eagles their first loss to a county opponent since 1990. "That was a good confidence boost going into the playoffs," Janis said.

First team at a glance

Meredith Price, Centennial: If five-time county champion Centennial needed a point or side out, it went to Price. "She was our go-to hitter," said Eagles coach Mike Bossom. Price had 205 kills out of 434 attempts. She made 89 percent of her serves, and had 33 aces. She also had 59 blocks.

Kate Hannas, Mount Hebron: Hannas led the Vikings to the 2A state title with a team-high 232 kills and 59 blocks. "Her strength is her hitting," said coach Daryl Beard. "She's a smart player and has shown a lot of leadership."

Lisa Skaggs, Oakland Mills: "She's definitely someone that everybody looks up to," said Oakland Mills coach Kim Rosado. Skaggs made 95 percent of her serves and had 59 aces, 116 kills and 44 blocks. "She's a sensible hitter, and makes adjustments when she has to," said Rosado. "She's a good passer, too. She's a good all-around player."

Eileen McQueeney, Atholton: "Everything she does she does well," said Raiders coach Sybil Kessinger. "She spends the extra time to be the best she can be." McQueeney made 90 percent of her serves and had 227 assists in 65 games. She also had 57 kills. Added Kessinger: "She can hit and block with the best of them."

Sylvia Kaltreider, Mount Hebron: "She's definitely a team leader," said coach Daryl Beard. "The girls show a lot of respect for her." Kaltreider is not flashy, but does a lot of things well for the Gladiators. She made 90 percent of her serves (42 aces), had 295 assists and 64 kills.

Jen Klimm, Centennial: "She came out and proved to people that she could run an offense," said Eagles coach Mike Bossom. "She did a lot of things well." Klimm made 96 percent of her serves and had 39 aces. She had 407 assists, averaging six per game.

Picking the teams

The Baltimore Sun 1995 All Howard County volleyball and field hockey teams were selected by Stan Rappaport through game observations and after consulting with area coaches.

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