1995 All-Howard County field hockey team

November 21, 1995

The teams

Player of the Year: Liz Sturm, Centennial

Coach of the Year: Gail Purcell, Centennial

First team

Name, School, Year, Position

Allison Altscher, Centennial, Senior, Forward

Lara Prendergast, Mount Hebron, Senior, Forward

Sheri McCready, Glenelg, Senior, Forward

Carrie Everett, Glenelg Country, Senior, Forward

Liz Sturm, Centennial, Senior, Midfield

Brigitte Goss, Mount Hebron, Senior, Midfield

Anne Ryder, Oakland Mills, Senior, Midfield

Kelly Waskey, Glenelg, Senior, Midfield

Jen Davis, Centennial, Senior, Back

Jessica Brendel, Glenelg Country, Senior, Back

Staci Hoffman, Mount Hebron, Senior, Back

Sarah Geatz, Atholton, Senior, Keeper

Becca Armiger, Centennial, Senior, Keeper

Second team

Name, School, Year, Position

Shannon Carter, Atholton, Senior, Forward

Kelly Dodson, Mount Hebron, Junior, Forward

Jenny Pollock, Hammond, Senior, Forward

Alex Roe, Wilde Lake, Senior, Midfield

Katie Combs, Oakland Mills, Senior, Midfield

Kim Stetson, Hammond, Senior, Midfield

Melissa Goglia, Atholton, Senior, Back

Susan Mancho, Howard, Junior, Back

Heather Perkins, Howard, Senior, Back

Seri Zlatin, Glenelg, Senior, Back

Jessica Cruttenden, Mount Hebron, Senior, Keeper

Honorable mention: Lea Nichols, Atholton, Sr., forward; Rachel McQueeney, Atholton, Jr., Back; Joyelle McCullough, Glenelg Country, Sr., back; Whitney Sale, Oakland Mills, Sr., Back; Carolyn Schultz, Oakland Mills, Sr., back; Rachel Karfonta, Mount Hebron, Jr., forward; Anne Stocker, Mount Hebron, Sr., back, Kelly Brown, Glenelg, Sr., back; Jen Frieman, Wilde Lake, Sr., midfield, Erica Hensley, Howard, Sr.

Player of the Year

Liz Sturm, Centennial: "Liz is fire on the field," said Centennial coach Gail Purcell. "She's the player people watch. She is everywhere." Purcell discovered Sturm was making spirit pins early in the season and staying up until 1:30 a.m. Purcell told her to go to bed earlier and, not surprisingly, her play improved when she did. Sturm has excellent stickwork, big flicks and good speed. "She was my flyer on defensive corners and my hitter on offensive corners," said Purcell. She finished with four goals and four assists for the 3A state champions. Purcell said Sturm was a "great peer teacher" and that her teammates looked up to her. "Liz had the ability as a captain to bring the team together around her."

Coach of the Year

Gail Purcell, Centennial: In her 19th season, Purcell (157-73-13) became the first Howard County coach to win a state title in field hockey as the Eagles (11-4-2) upset Fallston in double overtime, 1-0. Purcell, who has six county and three regional titles to her credit, called this "the most rewarding season in my coaching career in any sport. I won a state basketball title [in 1981], but it was never like this. These kids never gave up. They had the heart to pull it off." Purcell also called the season the "most stressful" in her career because of the team's slow start (1-2-1). "They peaked when they needed to," Purcell said. "Honestly, I don't know why they did. There's never been a season like this."

First team at a glance

Allison Altscher, Centennial: "She has the best stick-handling skills and the most finesse of any forward I have coached at Centennial," said coach Gail Purcell. Altscher, who has good speed, had a team-high 10 goals and four assists. "She has the ability to analyze the game and adjust to the situation," Purcell said.

Lara Prendergast, Mount Hebron: "She has an incredible shot," said Mount Hebron coach Jeannette Ireland, who said Prendergast developed more finesse in front of the the keeper this season and improved her dodging skills. She had eight goals and two assists. "She put a lot of pressure on the defense," Ireland said.

Sheri McCready, Glenelg: "She's the most complete player I have," said Glenelg coach Ginger Kincaid. "She has good speed, a really strong stick and a really good flick." The left-handed McCready had five goals and four assists. She set up many goals with her strong stickwork, speed and passing.

Carrie Everett, Glenelg Country: "She has speed, agility and has a really good feel for the ball," said Glenelg Country coach Patti Ordonez. "She makes things happen." Everett's aggressive style helped her to 12 goals and three assists. "She's a fun player to watch," Ordonez said.

Brigitte Goss, Mount Hebron: "She just loves hockey and it shows," said Mount Hebron coach Jeannette Ireland, who said Goss became more of an offensive threat this season. "She's just one of those kids that goes and goes. She's got quick feet and is able to run down the ball." Ireland also cited Goss' leadership ability. "She's just a great kid," Ireland said.

Anne Ryder, Oakland Mills: "Awesome stickwork," said Oakland Mills coach Chris Marsiglia of Ryder, who contributed one goal and two assists. Marsiglia said Ryder has good finesse, dodging skills and a very good drive. "She controls the field," Marsiglia said.

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