Budget increase proposed by local improvement group

November 21, 1995|By Consella A. Lee | Consella A. Lee,SUN STAFF

A strong summer carnival has allowed the Glen Burnie Improvement Association to propose a $146,270 budget for next year, up more than $4,000 from the current spending plan.

Community activities, athletic programs and schools would receive extra money under the proposed budget.

Katherine DeGrange, the association's treasurer, said the Big Glen Burnie Carnival raised $97,008 this year. Last year, it brought in $87,000. Carnival revenue makes up almost 70 percent of the association's budget.

Richard Henry Lee Elementary, Glendale Elementary and Corkran Middle schools each would receive $1,000 under the new spending plan. The schools received $300 each in last year's budget.

Glendale Elementary Principal John T. Birus said that although he hadn't seen the proposed budget, the school would welcome the extra money. Glendale Elementary used the $300 it received in the 1995 budget to provide bus transportation for 90 fifth-graders to an orientation session at Marley Middle School.

Wayne R. Bark, principal of Richard Henry Lee, said his school would put the extra money toward a 30-station computer laboratory.

Although the association's sidewalk program will continue, no money is budgeted for it next year. Homeowners used to pay one-fourth of the cost of new sidewalks, with the association and the county sharing the rest.

The association stopped contributing this year because of fiscal-year conflicts with the county. Now, homeowners and the county split the costs 50-50, Mrs. DeGrange said.

Three association officers also have agreed to give up their stipends. The treasurer and recording secretary received $500; the financial secretary had received $300.

"Historically, it's been going on for a long time and we feel, at least the board and the budget committee, that it's [paying officers has] outlived its time," said Mrs. DeGrange. "There are a lot of people who give their time to the association who don't get a stipend."

The association has proposed putting $7,370 into a "rainy-day" contingency fund and nearly doubling its capital-projects fund, which would be used to pay for installing new windows for the bingo hall and remodeling the kitchen at the main meeting hall on Crain Highway.

MA The budget is scheduled for discussion and a vote next month.

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