Sidney Amber, who celebrated his 109th birthday in January...


November 21, 1995

Sidney Amber, who celebrated his 109th birthday in January by reciting poetry on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno," died Friday in San Francisco. A well-known centenarian there, he was a rarity among survivors of the 1906 earthquake -- he was an adult when the temblor struck. An amateur boxer, restaurateur and sign painter, he once said the secret to longevity was a triple dose of Worcestershire sauce before dinner.

Sam Bailey, 80, a civil rights activist who worked with Medgar Evers to trigger a movement for black equality in Mississippi, died Saturday. A former railroad worker, he was one of three men to file suit in 1961 to desegregate public accommodations in Mississippi.

Charles Gordone, 70, the first black playwright to win the Pulitzer Prize, died of cancer Friday in College Station, Texas. His first play, "No Place To Be Somebody," won the 1970 Pulitzer Prize for drama.

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