Readers continue to voice opinions on the Browns' move:A...


November 19, 1995

Readers continue to voice opinions on the Browns' move:

A matter of time

Over the past 10 days, the Baltimore Sun has printed a number of provocative columns relating to the Browns' move to Baltimore from Messrs. Rosenthal, Eisenberg and Steadman. Mr. Rosenthal's column on the front page of the sports section on Nov. 15 contained a rumination that was sufficiently inflammatory to generate a response and inquiry on my part.

Mr. Rosenthal wrote, "Imagine if the Browns make the Super Bowl in five or 10 years."

Honestly sir, you don't really believe it will take that long, do you?

John Moag


Maryland Stadium Authority


No apologies needed

Baltimore, please stop apologizing. You have not stolen a team from Cleveland. You only did what made sense. Cleveland was to lose its team anyhow, and Baltimore took advantage of the situation. Recognize the facts.

Robert Irsay was unarguably the worst owner of any sports franchise in modern history. He took probably the best football franchise and ran it into the ground, not so much with his awful and boring teams, but with his treatment of the city, its fans and his own players and front-office personnel. The fans' support, in the last years of the Colts in Baltimore, diminished for legitimate and justifiable reasons.

Art Modell was charitable in many ways to Cleveland, and contributed money and other efforts to maintain and improve its stadium. He was not heavy-handed in his demands but was patient, maybe to a fault. He enjoyed the best reputation for years in the NFL next to Pete Rozelle. If he were a lousy owner, Cleveland would not have supported his teams as it did. If he had shopped his team as Irsay did, Cleveland would have had no less a response to Modell than Baltimore did to Irsay.

arvey Litofsky

Owings Mills

Way to go, John Moag

I grew up within a mile of Memorial Stadium during the 1960s and '70s, and the thought of attending an NFL game at 33rd Street and rooting for the home team sends tingles up my spine. John Moag should be selected as The Sun's "Marylander of the Year" for a job well-done.

Jack Blalock

Bel Air

Negative columnists

The ceaseless negativity of Ken Rosenthal and John Eisenberg in the wake of the Cleveland Browns' move to Baltimore has become truly insufferable. Unfortunately, this is not surprising for these chronic naysayers who seem compelled to whine, complain and lament on a regular basis.

The circumstances surrounding the return of the NFL to Baltimore are, of course, unfortunate. But after 11 long years without the NFL, this city should be welcoming Art Modell and the Browns with open arms and an air of goodwill. However, Rosenthal and Eisenberg are intent on driving a wedge between the owner and the fans before the first ticket is sold. These are the same individuals who continually complained that the NFL would never return to Baltimore, yet when the historic moment arrived, they engaged in a self-flagellation campaign on behalf of the city. Enough already!

It's also predictable that Rosenthal will continue in his attack on Modell (the "wicked capitalist theme" is very popular with Rosenthal) and attempt to portray him as the second coming of Bob Irsay when in fact they bear as much in common as Rosenthal does to a balanced, thoughtful journalist.

Despite calls for the Pulitzer Prize from a member of another bastion of journalistic integrity (CBS News correspondent Eric Engberg), these columns are counterproductive and irritating to the vast majority of fans who are thrilled by the return of the NFL to Baltimore.

Jack Stevens


Baltimore just like Indy

Baltimore, you have done it. You have lowered yourself to the level of Indianapolis. Both cities aggressively sought to steal a football team from another city, and both have succeeded.

You've crawled into bed with Art Modell, the new Robert Irsay. Really, he out-Irsays Irsay. Irsay left to keep his property. Modell is in it for the money. He left 70,000 screaming fans -- think he'll treat you any better?

To Jim Speros, the city owes its biggest apology. He did nothing but trust the so-called fans of East Indianapolis (formerly Baltimore) and bring us a winning team. Speros gave the beloved "Colts" name to the team. However, the same NFL you are about to embrace took it away.

Micheal L. Larimer


About-face Tagliabue

It is with a great amount of amusement and contempt that I recall Paul Tagliabue's comments on television just recently. Not too long ago, he told Baltimore it would be better off if the city spent its money on a museum.

Now he is very much in favor of Baltimore because it is a great football city attendance-wise and now deserves a team. Where was he when new teams were brought into the league a short time ago?

Robert M. Hubbard


Name that stadium

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