Books of the region: Holiday suggestions on many subjects

November 19, 1995|By James H. Bready | James H. Bready,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

(O) means oversize; (P), paperbound.


"A Maryland Album: Quiltmaking Traditions, 1634-1934," by Gloria Seaman Allen and Nancy Gibson Tuckhorn. Rutledge Hill Press. Nashville, Tenn. 223 pages. $34.95 (O). Comprehensive, authoritative.

Autobiography, Memoirs

"Further Fridays: Essays, Lectures and Other Nonfiction, 1984-1994," by John Barth. Little, Brown. 377 pages. $27.95. Musings on authorship and Baymanship.

"A Cornish Childhood, 1935-1947," by Anne Burley. United Writers. Penzance, U.K. 144 pages. $21.99. Distance lends real charm.

"Woodholme: A Black Man's Story of Growing Up Alone," by DeWayne Wickham. Farrar Straus & Giroux. 276 pages. $20. Youth in Cherry Hill.

"Memoir of the Bookie's Son," by Sidney Offit. St. Martin's Press. 165 pages. $18.95. One of Baltimore's oldest professions.

"You're No Good to Me Dead," by Robert E. Stahl. Naval Institute Press. 202 pages. $26.95. Behind Japanese lines in World War II.


"Alexander Smith Cochran: Modernist Architect in Traditional Baltimore," by Christopher Weeks. Maryland Historical Society. 173 pages. $29.95 (O). His own house was a fighting word.

"Lone Wolf: The Life and Death of U-Boat Ace Werner Henke," by Timothy P. Mulligan. University of Oklahoma Press. 249 pages. $15.95 (P)

"Strictly Business: Walter Carpenter at DuPont and General Motors," by Charles W. Cheape. Johns Hopkins University Press. 328 pages. $48.50.

"Thomas Paine: Apostle of Freedom," by Jack Fruchtman Jr. Four Walls Eight Windows. 557 pages. $30.


"At the Hearth: Early American Recipes," by Mary Sue Pagan Latini. American Literary Press. Baltimore. 159 pages. $14.95 (P). No gas, no electricity.

Critical Studies

"Anne Tyler: A Bio-Bibliography," by Robert W. Croft. Greenwood Press. Westport, Conn. 173 pages. $45.

"Violent Screen: A Critic's 13 Years on the Front Lines of Movie Mayhem," by Stephen Hunter. Bancroft Press. Baltimore. 305 pages. $19.95 (P). 100 significant films, since 1982.


"Ladder of Years," by Anne Tyler. Knopf. 326 pages. $24. Basic to her oeuvre.

"All Souls' Rising," by Madison Smartt Bell. Pantheon. 530 pages. $25.95. Haiti's uprising against the French.

"Interstate," by Stephen Dixon. Holt. 374 pages. $25. A highway tragedy - or is it?

"Daughters of Song," by Paula Huston. Random House. 222 pages. $21. Student life at the (unnamed) Peabody Conservatory of Music.

"Mary's Land," by Lucia St. Clair Robson. Ballantine. 466 pages. $24. Margaret Brent and friends, in 17th century Maryland.

"That's All Right, Mama: The Unauthorized Life of Elvis's Twin," by Gerald Duff. Baskerville. 278 pages. $21.


"Walking in Baltimore," by Frank R. Shivers Jr. Johns Hopkins. 316 pages, $16.95 (P). A dozen downtown itineraries - here a building, there an occurrence, everywhere our past.

"Hiking, Cycling and Canoeing in Maryland: A Family Guide," by Bryan MacKay. Johns Hopkins. 535 pages. $18.95 (P). 23 walks, 16 bike rides, 19 canoe trips.

"Lest We Forget: A Guide to Civil War Monuments in Maryland," By Susan Cooke Soderberg. White Mane. 195 pages, $29.95. She counts 57.


"The Nightingale's Song," by Robert Timberg. Simon & Schuster. 544 pages. $27.50. Annapolis graduates, following Ronald Reagan, get into trouble.

"Jericho: Dreams, Ruins, Phantoms," by Robert Ruby. Holt, 340 pages, $25. A city whole millennia old.

"The President Is at Camp David," by W. Dale Nelson. Syracuse University Press. 216 pages. $24.95. Originally, Shangri-la.

"Secret Army, Secret War," by Sedgwick Tourison. Naval Institute, 391 pages, $29.95.

Local History

"The Papal Visit: Pope John Paul II in Baltimore, The Event in Pictures," Cathedral Foundation Press. $39.95; $24.95 (P). Out Dec. 1.

"Tidewater Time Capsules: History Beneath the Patuxent," by Donald G. Shomette. Tidewater, 370 pages, $29.95. The rediscovery of Joshua Barney's scuttled 1814 gunboats.

"History of My Own Times," by William Otter. Edited by Richard B. Scott. Cornell University Press. 226 pages. $14.95. The rowdy life of an early 1800s western Maryland plasterer.

"Conversations in a Country Store," by Hal Roth. Nanticoke Books. 214 pages. $12 (P). Shore storytelling, by real people.

"The Tuesday Club." A Shorter Edition of "The History of the Ancient and Honorable Tuesday Club," by Dr. Alexander Hamilton. Ed. by Robert Micklus. Johns Hopkins. 333 pages. $16.95 (P).

"Blockbusting in Baltimore: The Edmondson Village Story," by W. Edward Orser. University of Kentucky Press. 241 pages. $39.95. The trauma of rapid racial change.

"St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore," by Thomas W. Spaulding and Kathryn M. Kuranda. Maryland Historical Society. 299 pages. $24.95. An old, downtown, flourishing parish.

"Chesapeake Steamboats: Vanished Fleet," by David C. Holly. Tidewater. 308 pages. $29.95. Mass transit, afloat.

"Baltimore's Light Rail: Then and Now," by Herbert H. Harwood Jr. Quadrant. 96 pages. $15.95 (P). Streetcars.


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