Some offer to adopt injured dog Police seize animal after charging owner

November 19, 1995|By Ed Heard | Ed Heard,SUN STAFF Sun staff writer Larry Carson contributed to this article.

Scores of people called Baltimore County police and an animal shelter yesterday to ask about Barkley, the Chesapeake Bay retriever whose owner has been charged with animal cruelty after he hooked the dog to a leash and "walked" him from his

moving car three days ago.

Barkley's front paws were scratched raw in the incident, which ++ was reported to police by neighbors who witnessed it.

The 11-month-old dog had his bandages changed yesterday and his spirits lifted by several visitors who brought him toys and asked about adopting him, said Grace Calabrese, a veterinarian at the Baltimore County Animal Shelter on Manor Road in Baldwin.

"Everybody's causing a fuss over him," said Ms. Calabrese. She said he yelped a bit when his bandages were changed but he was given an injection to relieve pain. Barkley's bandages probably will be removed for good tomorrow, Ms. Calabrese said. Paw wounds, especially on younger dogs such as Barkley, do not take long to heal, she said.

"We see a lot of animals who are abused and neglected, but I've never seen anything like this," Ms. Calabrese said. "It was very poor judgment on the owner's part."

The owner, Scott Eckrote, 24, of the first block of Tentmill Lane in Pikesville has been charged with animal cruelty. He also was charged with possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia after his arrest Thursday night. He was released on $3,000 bail Friday.

Barkley can't become a candidate for adoption until Mr. Eckrote's case is resolved, shelter employees said.

The incident unfolded after Mr. Eckrote's neighbors saw Barkley running on a leash to keep up with a moving car about 8 p.m. Thursday, when they called police. Garrison precinct police responding to the call followed a bloody trail to Mr. Eckrote's apartment. Officers found the dog in the living room, unable to walk, police said.

Mr. Eckrote told an officer he had been "too tired" to walk the dog and decided to let it run next to his car instead, police said.

While at the Eckrote home, police seized several plastic bags containing suspected marijuana and a water pipe, they said.

Police arrested Mr. Eckrote and took the injured dog to a Reisterstown animal hospital for treatment Thursday. Mr. Eckrote got Barkley back from police Friday, but police seized Barkley again about 12:30 a.m. yesterday after researching a law that allows them to take animals to protect them from cruelty, police said.

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