From The Sun Nov. 19-25, 1845Nov. 22: Thursday next, the...


November 19, 1995|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Nov. 19-25, 1845

Nov. 22: Thursday next, the 27th day of November, is the day appointed by Gov. Pratt to be devoted to Thanksgiving and praise throughout the State, and we doubt not but that it will be generally observed by all classes of our citizens.

Nov. 25: A gentleman was passing through Monument Square on Sunday evening having in his charge two ladies, returning from church, when the ladies were grossly insulted by four scoundrels.

From The Sun Nov. 19-25, 1895

Nov. 19: Prof. Booker T. Washington, principal of Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute at Tuskegee, Ala., made an address last night at Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, setting forth the work of his institution in educating the colored people.

Nov. 20: Everything is now ready for the inception in office of Mayor-elect Hooper, which will take place at noon today.

Nov. 22: "Dick," the last survivor of the sea lions in Druid Hill Park, is dead.

From The Sun Nov. 19-25, 1945

Nov. 19: The assumption that an unknown disease is killing off oysters in the Chesapeake Bay is nonsense, according to James B. Engle, aquatic biologist of the Department of the Interior.

Nov. 20: Strong disapproval and condemnation of the Naval Academy's proposals to take over St. Johns College were formally expressed by members of the Maryland Historical Society last night.

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