Going upscale with hardware


November 19, 1995

Hechinger is going upscale with its Home Elegance Store in the Columbia location. The new showroom, which complements Hechinger's other products and services, features a large selection of luxury hardware and plumbing fixtures, from cabinet hardware to handcrafted ceramic tile. Troy Roberts, who runs it with Michael Goldberger, describes it as "boutique service at super-store prices." Hechinger's Home Elegance Store is at 9051 Snowden River Parkway. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m.-9:30 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Old wood

Cabinet makers, particularly in England, have long used "reclaimed" woods to create new pieces. Now a major American furniture company, Henredon, has gotten into the act with its Registry collection. "Old wood adds antique charm without having to falsify it," says Henredon's vice president of design, Stephen Giles.

When buildings are torn down, the antique wood is salvaged and cut into boards. "It takes careful cabinet techniques to work with it," says Henredon's president, Michael Dugan, "But you end up with a warm, natural patina."

The beauty of the natural coloration is only one advantage of using reclaimed wood for new pieces. It makes sense environmentally -- fewer trees are cut down to manufacture the furniture. And each piece is unique.

Beyond chrome

The concept is simple: The design of your kitchen should complement the design of the rest of your house. "The kitchen should enjoy a seamless relationship with the whole," says Jean McHale, owner of Gaines McHale Antiques & Home. "Most often, kitchens are bastions of chrome and contraptions."

Gaines McHale has just become the area's exclusive representative for Mark Wilkinson Furniture, Ltd., one of the leading designers and manufacturers of English fitted kitchens in the world. Called "kitchen furniture" for its freestanding look, the English fitted kitchen comes in a range of periods and styles with names like Provence, Etruscan and Cook's Kitchen.

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