Union Mills woman convicted twice on drug charges gets second chance

November 16, 1995|By Amy L. Miller | Amy L. Miller,SUN STAFF

A Union Mills woman, convicted twice within a year of distributing cocaine, has been given a second chance.

Now, it's up to Diane Linn Wisner what she does with it, Carroll County Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold said yesterday after he suspended a mandatory 10-year sentence without parole for Ms. Wisner's July 1993 conviction.

Ms. Wisner, 36, who graduated from the Second Genesis drug treatment program in July, assured the judge that she's not going back to drugs. A condition of her three-year supervised probation is random urinalysis testing.

"I don't even go around the people I used to be around, I don't associate with them, don't even speak to them," Ms. Wisner said through tears yesterday. "I know that if I would, it would be a trigger to go back to what I was doing before."

The sentence takes advantage of a little-used provision in the multiple offender statute allowing the judge to order treatment rather than the mandatory sentence required under Maryland's "two-time loser" law.

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