Store employees catch man fleeing with roastsEmployees of...

November 16, 1995

Store employees catch man fleeing with roasts

Employees of a Mars supermarket in Glen Burnie chased and caught a man suspected of shoplifting Tuesday afternoon and held him until police arrived.

Store manager Richard Soper told police that an employee saw a man stuff two roasts worth $12 in his shirt and run out of the store in the 6700 block of Ritchie Highway.

Mr. Soper and several employees chased the man to the parking lot. The man dropped one roast. As he ran by a pickup truck in the Hechinger parking lot, he picked up a gallon of paint from the truck bed and swung it at one employee, police said.

Employees subdued the man and held him for police.

Police arrested Louis G. Howard, 36, of the 300 block of Bigley Ave. in Baltimore and charged him with theft. Mr. Howard was being held on $1,500 bail yesterday afternoon.

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