Caterer's new venture to be strictly kosher


November 16, 1995

Charles Levine is going kosher.

Mr. Levine, a longtime Baltimore area caterer, has launched Glorious Kosher, an off-premise catering company and commissary.

His kosher food venture will be based in Owings Mills. About 25 permanent and 75 to 80 part-time employees will work for the company, the owner said.

Starting a kosher catering business isn't easy.

To conform to Jewish dietary laws, Mr. Levine has spent a year getting certifications, hiring rabbis and supervising construction of his kitchens.

He said the new venture is completely separate from his other catering business, Charles Levine Caterers.

"Forget mixing meat and dairy, I can't even mix companies," he said.

Mr. Levine said he believes that Glorious Kosher is the first

business of its kind to open in Baltimore in 20 years.

He said he started the business in response to an expanding demand for kosher foods.

Glorious Kosher will serve customers in the Baltimore and Washington area, and in Northern Virginia, Mr. Levine said.

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