Photo winners span three generations Pictures by young and old on display at Marley Station

November 15, 1995|By Consella A. Lee | Consella A. Lee,SUN STAFF

A 4-year-old boy plays on the floor with a smiling toddler. A teen-age boy hangs from a tree in a friend's backyard. A little boy feeds crackers to a flock of geese along the edge of a pond.

The images are all part of "It Caught My Eye . . .," a three-generational photo exhibit on display through Dec. 28 at Marley Station mall. The shutterbugs were Marley Elementary School second-graders, Glen Burnie High School students and seniors from Pascal Senior Center.

The project, sponsored by the mall, involved 90 photographers -- 30 from each group -- ranging in age from 7 to 70.

Photojournalist Linda Solomon gave them some photography tips on composition and lighting.

In September, they were given free, disposable Kodak cameras with 24 exposures of 400-speed film, and one week to shoot anything they wanted. The only limitations were their imaginations.

Monique Ford took a picture of her brother David playing on the floor with J. D., a grinning, blond toddler. Titled "Baby and the Brother," the picture won the 7-year-old girl "Best of Show," first place among elementary school entries.

"I really like the feel of it," said Monique, looking at the photograph yesterday. The Glen Burnie girl said she found the image "exciting. The way the baby was lying on the floor and stuff."

Monique and other first-place winners were given a 35 mm camera. This month, all winners received a copy of their photograph mounted on a mahogany plaque.

Monique's classmate, C. J. Neeley, 7, used all of his film in less than 30 minutes and took runner-up for "Jessica & Jennifer."

The photograph of his sisters depicts Jessica, 10, carrying a red book bag in one hand and 4-year-old Jennifer's hand in the other as they walk down the middle of Henson Road, the street they live on in Glen Burnie.

Geraldine C. Grega, a senior citizen, took runner-up for "What's for Lunch," a picture of a little girl at a church bazaar, rummaging through a drawer containing peanut butter, Q-Tips and a box of Caress soap.

Ms. Grega said she was struck by the similarities of the pictures taken by the seniors and elementary students: The seniors focused on grandchildren and pets; the youngsters on siblings and pets, she said.

Photographs shot by the high school students tended to have a zany, odd-ball quality, she said.

Glen Burnie High's Freeman Davis, 15, won first place with "Call of the Wild," a shot of a friend hanging from a tree. Clint Green, 17, took runner-up with "Omnipotent Flannel," a ground-level shot of a friend in a flannel shirt towering above on a bench.

Sophie E. Hutchins took her camera with her everywhere. That's how the Pascal Center senior caught the picture of her 2 1/2 -year-old great-grandson Jason Metzger being entertained by geese at Lake Waterford Park in Pasadena.

"They were making such a racket, the geese. They were sort of talking to each other, him and the geese. He was opening his mouth, imitating the geese, and I said, 'Jason, look, look,' " recalled Mrs. Hutchins, who snapped Jason's picture at that moment. "Time Out for Lunch" won first place.

"A child will always steal your heart," Mrs. Hutchins said.

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