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November 15, 1995|By Julius Westheimer

AT MID-MONTH, some notes, quotes, facts and figures about your money:

WALL ST. WATCH: "Whenever capital-gains rates are lowered, stocks could suffer -- for a while. Investors will sell shares to take advantage of lower rates." (Ned Davis Research)

"For now, the market environment is beautifully balanced. Investors are living for today." (Aeltus Weekly)

"Market remains overvalued. Keep over 40 percent in cash. Don't push your luck; this market is dangerous." (The Risk Factor)

CRASH AHEAD? Investment adviser Elaine Garzarelli, who publicly predicted the October 1987, 508-point plunge, said on "Wall Street Week" last Friday: "No crash ahead. Interest rates will fall, so I'm bullish. Dow Jones will climb to 5,500-6,000 in the next 18 months. Buy Liz Claiborne, Chrysler and Roadway -- all down. If rates shoot up, I'll turn gloomy."

WAITING IT OUT: "If you're close to retirement, you may want to wait awhile. It may make sense to stay on the job until all the bugs in the Medicare system overhaul are worked out." (Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, December)

"Keep six months' mortgage payments in a money-market account. If you lose your job, you'll need a cash cushion to meet expenses while you look for work." (CNBC-TV)

MARYLAND MEMOS: Washington Savings Bank, Waldorf, Md., is listed under "Best Savings Yields in the U.S." in Money, Dec. Call 800-843-7250 for rates.

Sitel, a leading provider of outsourced telemarketing services, and Viking Office Products are recommended by Alex. Brown, in Barron's, Nov. 13, page 58.

Steve Ames, Annapolis financial planner says, "Free up lots of cash by shopping for a cheaper life insurance policy. Instead of a costly whole life policy, consider switching to a low-load term policy."

DOW 5 UPDATE: In response to many requests, here is how to contact offices of the Dow 5 Target Equity Trust, which has a $1,000 minimum. Phone Nike Securities, 800-621-9533. (Fund's mailer says that your $10,000 investment in Target in 1975 would have climbed to $536,260 as of Dec. 31, 1994.)

COMPUTER CORNER (cont'd): Here are more ways to "Pinch Pennies With Your PC," from Family PC, November: "(1) Pay off credit cards; Quicken's Loan Planner tells how much you save by paying down credit-cards with a lower-interest home equity loan.

"(2) Watch that cash. To track it accurately, get a receipt every time you spend cash; enter it in Quicken. (3) Improve savings interest rates. Your PC will help you see differences after you shop several banks."

TAX-SAVER: "If you're buying a mutual fund before year-end, wait until after the capital gains distribution date to avoid paying a tax on gains you didn't get. See brokers for distribution dates. In retirement plans, buy any time; you pay no taxes on distributions." (Black Enterprise, November)

LAST LINES: "Double your money in Westinghouse-CBS with little risk. The biggest risk in buying Westinghouse is boredom. Buyouts on this scale take time." (Money, December)

"Clean out your glove compartment. Old road maps make original, cheap wrapping paper. And save a few months' Sunday funnies for gift wrap." (Tightwad Gazette)

"Vintage Stocks that Stand the Test of Time" (Business Week, Nov. 20) include Philip Morris, McDonald's, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Disney, Merck, GE and Johnson & Johnson.

"The only four industry sectors to outperform market averages in 1995 are technology, health care, transportation and financial." (Investment Counselors of Maryland)

"Australia and New Zealand are in the forefront of our global fixed-income picks." (Personal Finance, November)

"Business phone calls are tax-deductible even when made from a home phone. Your accountant has details." (Tax Hotline, November)

"The archer strikes his target partly by pulling, partly by letting go." (Bits & Pieces)

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