Steeler Stewart triples up defense Rookie from Colorado throws, catches, runs

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November 14, 1995|By Vito Stellino | Vito Stellino,SUN STAFF Sun staff writer Mike Preston contributed to this article.

PITTSBURGH -- Kordell Stewart is an old-fashioned triple threat player.

The rookie quarterback-wide receiver from Colorado threw a touchdown pass, ran twice for 13 yards on option plays and caught two passes for 21 yards to help the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cleveland Browns, 20-3, last night at Three Rivers Stadium.

"I'm having a ball with him," coach Bill Cowher said of Stewart's versatile play after the Steelers won their third straight.

Stewart gave the Steelers their first touchdown on a third-and-two from the Cleveland 2 in the second quarter.

Cowher called a play the Steelers had practiced as a two-point conversion. Stewart took the snap from the shotgun and --ed to his right. He had a pass-run option, but when nothing developed, he ran to his left and lofted a touchdown pass to Ernie Mills.

It was Stewart's first pro pass.

Cowher said the Steelers even had practiced having Stewart go to his left if nothing developed.

"It looked like a bunch of kids playing a pickup game," Cowher said of the practice session.

It looked the same way in the game, but it worked.

Cowher said, "You put the ball in the kid's hands and anything can happen and most of the time it's good."

Erric Pegram, who ran 112 yards for the Steelers, said: "He's an athlete. He brings a lot of spunk to the team."

Mixed emotions for Cowher

Cowher said he was happy the Steelers' fans got into the game, even though there were mixed emotions because it may have been the Browns' last game at Three Rivers Stadium.

"They were as loud as I thought they would be, but you never knew based on all the things that were written during the week. It was a big win for our team," he said.

Cowher, who played and coached for the Browns, said it'll be more emotional for him in two weeks when the team goes to Cleveland Stadium for what may be the last time.

"It'll be different going up there and going on that field," he said.


Browns owner Art Modell spent last night in Baltimore watching the game with his son and team vice president David Modell. . . . Some Steelers fans wore orange armbands in support of the Browns. One Steelers player was surprised. "People are going to wear armbands?" said defensive tackle Justin Strzelczyk. "Not Steelers fans. Get out of here. I don't believe it."

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