St. Jane Frances School lists its first-quarter honor roll

November 14, 1995

St. Jane Frances School recently announced its first-quarter honor roll.

To earn a place on the principal's honor roll, students must receive A's in all subjects, and to earn first honors, students must receive all A's and one B.

Students on the principal's honor roll are:

Grade four -- Jill Alascio.

Grade six -- Stephanie Davis, Jennifer Kline, Kelly Kline, Stephanie Mannion and Patrick Selba.

Grade seven -- Emily Kitchner, Karen Pember, Kristin Ziolkowski, Caitlin Bennett, Mia DiBene and Lauren Hammond.

Grade eight -- Kathleen Skarbek and Jennifer Maguire.

Students who received first honors were:

Grade four -- Kristin Naff, Meghan Eckerl and Anthony Kuhl.

Grade five -- Jackie Selba

Grade six -- Michael Cotham, Matthew Crisp, Lindsey Eckerl, Christine Sheridan and Brittany Sutherland.

Grade seven -- Elizabeth Connolly, Timothy Balcer, Kristen Price, Christopher Pridgen and Michele Tate.

Grade eight -- Kathryn Goins, Catherine Kochanski and Joseph Selba.

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