Police charge Gambrills man with battery

November 14, 1995

Police charged a Gambrills man with battery Saturday after he and a fellow employee got into a fight at the horse farm where they work.

Jacqueline Castrenze, who runs the farm in the 1300 block of Winner's Circle in Gambrills told police she asked one of her employees to feed her horses shortly after 4:30 p.m. Saturday, police said.

The man had been drinking and refused, police said. Ms. Castrenze then asked another employee to feed the horses, and he complied, but the first man got angry and began to yell and curse at Ms. Castrenze, police said.

The man then left the barn and began cursing at the second man, returned to the barn and picked up a telephone to make a call, police said. The man hit the second man, who was standing nearby, in the head with the telephone, police said.

Ms. Castrenze called police and police arrested Robert John Davidson, 28, who lives at the farm off Gambrills Road, and charged him with battery.

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