50 years agoThe war gave American agriculture its greatest...


November 12, 1995|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

50 years ago

The war gave American agriculture its greatest period of prosperity. But now that peace has come, farmers are preparing for lower farm product prices, a smaller market and reduced income. In short, says the Agriculture Department, farmers expect peace to bring a depression eventually. -- Democratic Advocate, Oct. 19, 1945.

75 years ago

Mrs. Thomas Fowler killed two chicken hawks on Monday last in less than half an hour. The first one was on a tree a long way off, but she brought it down and when she went over to get it a second bird had attacked the wounded one and a shot from her gun blew his head off. The first one was very large, measuring 4 feet 8 inches from tip to tip. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Nov. 12, 1920.

100 years ago

A somewhat serious accident occurred on the Houcksville road near town, Wednesday afternoon. Thomas Alban and another young man were engaged in a running race on a part of the road which is used for that purpose. About the middle of the course, the horse which Mr. Alban was riding fell, presumably from exhaustion, throwing the rider with great force to the ground upon his head and face. Mr. Alban received a severe scalp wound besides sustaining a number of bruises in other parts of the body and scarring his face badly. He was taken to the office of Dr. R. C. Wells, who dressed his wounds. His condition is not considered critical. The horse killed itself in the fall. -- American Sentinel, Nov. 9, 1895.

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