Savage library staff's costumes made Halloween there fun


November 10, 1995|By Lourdes Sullivan | Lourdes Sullivan,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

WELL, WE successfully weathered the first of the holidays in this lively season. Halloween was great fun! The terrific weather kept many out of the Savage library and on the streets where ghosties belong that night. However, on the negative side, few area residents managed to see the Savage branch library staff resplendent in their holiday finery.

Branch manager Donna Matthews wore her by now-traditional get-up as Batwoman. Henry Lattimore, assistant branch manager, and normally a spiffy dresser, dressed as a Generation Xer, complete with spiked hair and boxers over trousers.

Lynn Starman, the new children's librarian, came as a medieval lady in a blue gown with trailing sleeves. She looked just like the heroine of a fairy tale. Jean Salkeld came as the intrepid explorer in a khaki safari suit.

Tom Neary came dressed as a pirate, complete with eye patch. Angela Engles came dressed as a mime. She says she didn't talk (except, of course, to patrons) the entire day, but mimed to her colleagues. Trish Van Huss came as a pumpkin. Luz Whooley, responsible for the lovely rose bouquets that grace the front desk, came -- appropriately -- as an angel.

I'm grateful to Anne Marie Gabor, who took pictures of the staff that day and who also displayed the incriminating evidence on a poster in the lounge. The photos are terrific.

Dramatic presentation

Tonight and tomorrow evening, Hammond High School puts on "The Crucible," Arthur Miller's dramatic version of the Salem witch trials.

The play promises a thought-provoking night for the audience. As always, it is an ambitious undertaking involving 23 cast members and a crew of more than 60. As usual, Hammond teacher Mary Jane Sasser directs, assisted by new teacher Joey Zemil. However, the rest of the production staff are students. Anna Pfeifer is the assistant director, Cayley Pendergrass is the stage manager, and Erika De Loache is the house manager.

The cast members are not the only ones with opening night jitters: the backstage crews have them, too! Amy Greenstein, Nichole Pitts, Becky Myers and Shannon Hunt are the makeup crew. Xani Podolny heads the lighting crew, assisted by Matt McLaughlin, Brian Schulman, Theresa Brandt, Annie Rosser, Michelle Everett, Iann Cummings, Penny McLaughlin and Michael Wiles. The sound crew is smaller -- Delroy Cornick, Matt Miller and Marita Shipp. The shift crew consists of Chris Weber, Patty Watson, Brooke Hafets and Stephen Watson.

It promises to be a terrific performance. Next week, details about the actual play.

Savage community meeting

There will be a meeting of the Savage Community Association at Carroll Baldwin Hall at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. The SCA has invited state Sen. Martin G. Madden and state Dels. John S. Morgan, Shane Pendergrass and Frank Turner to the meeting. The guests will speak briefly about what they see as the major issues coming up in the legislature. The other main topic on the agenda is the proposal by CarMax to build a used car operation on the Freestate site.

Carroll Baldwin Hall is the stone building at the corner of Baltimore and Foundry streets in Savage.

Craft shows aplenty

Bollman Bridge Elementary School will sponsor its first fall craft show and fair from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 18 at the school, 8200 Savage-Guilford Road in Savage.

Hammond High's art department does the same that day, holding its fifth Fallfest Crafts Fair featuring works from local craftspeople and from the students. See what has been made in the woodworking classes.

Come attend this popular event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 18 at the school, 8800 Guilford Road in Columbia.

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