It's your last day to shop at Woodies


November 10, 1995

At 11 p.m. today, Woodies will be no more.

One hundred and fifteen years of retailing will come to an end with the closing of Woodward & Lothrop department stores in Columbia, White Marsh, Annapolis and eight other locations in Maryland and the Washington area.

The liquidation sale of the Alexandria, Va.-based retailer has come down to ladies sportswear, fine china, jewelry and a smattering of other merchandise.

"We'll be bare to the wall tomorrow," said Jerry Reger, senior sales consultant at Gordon Brothers Partners, the Boston-based liquidator that has handled the $200 million fire sale.

There's a chance that the Baltimore area stores will close before 11 p.m. if all the goods sell out before then, and there's an even more remote chance that the liquidation sale will be extended beyond today, if enough merchandise is left over.

The Woodies store in the Mall in Columbia will be converted into a J. C. Penney, while the Woodies in Annapolis' Parole Plaza is being marketed for sale. The Columbia-based Rouse Co. is reportedly considering buying the White Marsh Woodies.

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