Crofton board wants to juggle '97 budget to provide 2% raise Town Hall workers would reap benefit

November 09, 1995|By Tanya Jones | Tanya Jones,SUN STAFF

The Crofton Civic Association board has asked its town manager to find a way to shift money in the proposed 1997 budget to allow for a 2 percent raise for Town Hall employees without increasing the budget.

The raise for eight full-time, five part-time and some seasonal employees would cost approximately $7,100, which would have to be cut from other sections of the $568,313 spending plan to keep it at the same level as last year.

Ken Folstein, vice president of the board, said even a $7,100 increase in the budget would still be "pretty good" but that he wants to see spending stay at last year's level.

The budget includes a tax rate remaining at 26 cents per $100 of assessed valuation that would be added on to the county tax of $2.38 per $100.

Board member Kathy Puhak said she opposes the 2 percent raise, especially if it means more cuts from the already reduced maintenance budget. Town Manager Barbara Swann has proposed spending $90,345 to maintain and landscape parks, common property and trails, $5,000 less than in the current budget.

Mrs. Puhak, chairwoman of the maintenance committee, said she expected funding to remain the same if not increase in the proposed budget.

The maintenance money is needed to keep up with the needs of an aging community and to provide services to the Willows and (( the Greens of Crofton if residents there ask for help.

The communities are outside the Crofton triangle but pay taxes to the special tax district.

The maintenance budget was reduced by cutting the number of hours maintenance people work and spending less on contracted services.

"We can get the job done with the proposal I have here," Ms. Swann said.

Other board members agreed that the maintenance budget could be cut without jeopardizing Crofton's landscaping and maintenance needs.

The board will discuss the budget again at its regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 13 at Crofton Elementary School.

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