Cashier, 15, grapples with shoplifter She gets a black eye

he flees without steaks

November 09, 1995|By TaNoah V. Sterling | TaNoah V. Sterling,SUN STAFF

A 15-year-old cashier at a Gambrills supermarket got a black eye Tuesday as she wrestled with a shoplifter in a muddy field next to the store, county police said yesterday.

The shoplifter got away, but the steaks he tried to steal were scattered near the doorway, still in their plastic wrappers.

"I was asked for help, and I just went after him," said Trisha Hendershot, a cashier at the IGA Super Food store in the 800 block of Annapolis Road in Gambrills.

She said her manager, Karen Rent, saw a couple with two children enter the store about 7 p.m., and walk to the meats section.

The woman stuffed $50 worth of steaks into the back of the man's pants, Mrs. Rent said.

As the couple started for the door, Mrs. Rent and Trisha blocked the exit. The man tried to leave through the entrance door, but it wouldn't open.

He ran toward the exit door, but Mrs. Rent grabbed his loosely buttoned flannel shirt. The steaks fell out of his pants, and he pushed Mrs. Rent to the floor, she said.

Police said Trisha and a co-worker, Brian Thomas, chased the man through the parking lot and tackled him in a field. Meanwhile, the woman ran out of the store with the children, put them into a car and pulled the car closer to the field, Trisha said.

As Trisha and Mr. Thomas struggled with the man, the woman ran out of the car and jumped on Mr. Thomas' back, Trisha said. Mr. Thomas wrestled with the woman, and the man broke free of Trisha's grasp. He stood up and kicked the left side of Trisha's head, police said. The couple then jumped into the car and sped off.

Trisha gave police the car's tag number. Police had made no arrests last night.

Trisha suffered a black eye and other minor injuries but declined treatment, police said. Mrs. Rent also suffered minor injuries.

Mrs. Rent said it was not the first time she and her employees had chased a shoplifter.

"You've got to do something," she said. "You can't wave to them when they're leaving."

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