Does a snake have ears?

November 07, 1995|By Tillie Friedenberg

(From a science article by Arkady Leokum)

0` ''No,'' the article states,

''but it has a long

and complicated body:

backbone, liver, heart,

even muscles and glands,''

which makes it similar

in some respects, my darling,

to you.

I saw one in my garden yesterday:

triangulated head,

glasshard stare,

all six matte black feet of him,

wriggling between the marigolds

and begonias.

I can forgive his lack of legs --

hence his need to slither --

and even the look of evil

he exudes.

But no ears?

Imagine, my darling,

if you had no ears.

How could my finger trace

their smooth, intriguing

convolutions? And how

could I whisper,

''It's such heaven, darling,

lying here in your earthly arms?''


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