Baltimore City bond issue questions

November 06, 1995

Vote YES or NO

Question A: Community Development Loan - $8 million

Will provide funding for continuous development of affordable housing and renewal efforts: $300,000 to landscape vacant lots, renovate parks and playgrounds, and other public improvements for the Sandtown-Winchester Urban Renewal area; $1 million for public improvements, including new alleys and major renovations to Lafayette Market in the Upton Urban Renewal area; $2 million to provide local support for the Federal housing development program; $300,000 for acquisition of deteriorated problem properties and public improvements in the Historic East Baltimore Community Coalition area under the East Monument Street Initiative; $100,000 for public improvements around Partnership Rental Housing projects; $1,400,000 to improve neighborhoods in areas outside urban renewal designations, including planting trees, demolishing deteriorated buildings, and improving open space; $500,000 for stabilization or demolition of vacant, abandoned, deteriorating properties which pose a threat public health, safety, and welfare; $1,400,000 to offer loans for settlement expenses on single family houses to encourage homeownership in the city; and $1 million to provide low-interest loans to middle income owner occupants and rental property owners to make repairs to bring properties up to code standards.

Question B: Residential and Commercial Financing Loan - $2.5 million

To finance housing development, make funds available to restore abandoned and vacant houses, provide affordable mortgage and rehabilitation loans, and improve commercial and multi-family properties in ways that promote neighborhood stability. City funds will be pooled with private funds made available by financial institutions through the Community Development Financing Corporation (CDFC), a non-profit organization. Debt service on this self-supporting loan will be paid by CDFC.

Question C: Economic Development Loan - $6.5 million

Will provide funding for continued development that creates job opportunities and increases tax revenues with these new projects: $1 million for site preparation and other infrastructure improvements related to industrial area development in Fairfield and East Baltimore; $1 million for various biotechnology initiatives including development of new wet laboratory space, buildings for second stage biotechnology companies and other developments related to the biotechnology field; $1 million for Howard Street revitalization through development of various projects, including exhibition space, cafes and galleries, and for exhibitions on the pedestrian mall; $1.5 million to fund acquisition of land and buildings to be developed as part of various future economic development projects; and $2 million for redevelopment of the Fishmarket in Market Place into a world class Children's Museum (Port Discovery).

Question D: Sinai Hospital Loan - $1 million

For expanding the emergency department at Sinai Hospital, located at 2401 West Belvedere Avenue. Will include design and reconstruction of a state-of-the-art emergency medical facility, and relocation of Sinai's existing materials distribution center. This project will enable the hospital to serve the needs of the surrounding community and continue its tradition of high quality service as a designated regional trauma center. This loan will be combined with other non-city fund sources to complete the $12 million project. Sinai Hospital will pay the debt service on this self-supporting loan.

Question E: Asbestos Management Program Loan - $1 million

Will provide funding to conduct asbestos inspections and abatement to comply with the Asbestos Hazards Emergency Response Act., a continuation of the ongoing citywide program to remove or encapsulate asbestos found in city-owned facilities which are not otherwise being renovated.

Question F: Recreation and Parks Loan - $500,000

For improving the Cherry Hill Park Swimming Pool and Bathhouse located at 201 West Reedbird Avenue. Improvements will include replacement of pool pumps, pipes and filter systems, as well as the pool deck and fence. The pool's drain and surface will be repaired, and a children's wading pool picnic area is to be built. Bathhouse renovations will include new plumbing and shower repair, accessibility improvements to bathrooms and entrances, and renovation to the roof and cupola.

Question G: Baltimore Zoo Loan - $2,225,000

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