Jobs needed for black youthI am a 64-year-old black woman...


November 06, 1995

Jobs needed for black youth

I am a 64-year-old black woman and have spent the majority of my adult life in Baltimore.

While I applaud the Million Man March, what is really needed is not self-awareness by black men but a heightened consciousness by our legislators and civic leaders that black boys need ways to get off the streets. Opportunities for work must be created -- something in the nature of a civic conservation camp -- to put all these young, impressionable children to work.

Drugs are plaguing our black youth but where do these drugs come from?

The small are being made to suffer for society's ills. The prison system has failed black youth who often are forced to serve time for minor crimes.

Put young black men to work and watch our world improve.

ammie L. Evans


Goodman missed point about men

In regards to Ellen Goodman's Oct. 24 column, ''The price for women when men come home,'' it is apparent that she missed the point behind recent movements to call men to responsibility.

The Million Man March, for example, was largely supported by black women. Contrary to what Ms. Goodman thinks, black women will not ''step back behind their man to save his hide and soul.'' They want their man to be a man and that means taking control of his life and his family -- this is done only by taking responsibility.

These movements are not about establishing a new breed of patriarchy; society has moved beyond that. Society needs men to stand up and live up to their responsibilities, not to continue on with self-defeating machismo.

The Million Man March was not about ''female submissiveness.'' Presumably, Bill McCartney's Promise Keeper revivals are not about that either. It's about, once again, men being responsible for their families, their communities and, most of all, themselves.

If Ms. Goodman and other feminists who share her line of thinking push the dogma that goes along with that mind-set, they may finally get the point after all.

Rodney Holmes


No sympathy for lobbyist woes

Forgive me for not feeling too sorry for top lobbyist Gerard Evans who complains that he can no longer wine and dine legislators without disclosing it. He states, "It's criminal." Please spare me.

The crime is that it's taken so long to pass a law against the entertaining (I like to think of it as bribing) that has routinely gone on in Annapolis for years. Laws should be passed because they are beneficial and necessary, not because the lawmaker is in the pocket of the lobbyist.

Regina Franco


Who defines compulsiveness?

I don't care if Maryland has a casino or not. What concerns me are the statements coming from our attorney general and governor.

They are concerned about making our citizens "compulsive gamblers." I didn't see them make a fuss when the lotto drawings became a twice-a-week event or when three- and four-digit numbers were drawn twice a day and the five-number game was extended to Sunday.

The lottery commission knows people play favorite numbers. These people double up their bets.

Isn't this a means of making our citizens "compulsive gamblers"?

John C. Kobbe Sr.

Bel Air

Austrian campaigning shows Nazi sentiment

It will be quite interesting to follow the coming elections in Austria in view of the recent 22 bombings there.

It looks as though the tradition continues in the birthplace of Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann and untold numbers of high-ranking Nazis. Now another one of those Hitler-type demagogues has arrived on the Austrian political scene, by the name of Joerg Haider, whose 27 percent of prospective votes is the highest among all candidates.

As he is promising to the Austrians, his first act of dictatorial power would be to chase out from Austria all foreign workers. Now those are people who through hard labor have helped to build Austria as one of the strongest world economies.

How ironic, after World War II for the Allies to have declared

Austria as being ''occupied'' by Germany, when it took all necessary measures to control the millions of Austrians who so enthusiastically greeted the Germans in 1938.

Now is this Haider looking for another Engelbert Dollfuss, the Austrian chancellor who in 1934 was murdered by the fifth column Austrian Nazis for trying to prevent Hitler from taking over Austria?

The world better keep an eye on this cradle of Nazism.

oseph Kryszpel


Sarah Chang is Korean-American

On Oct. 25, music critic Stephen Wigler, wrote that the violinist, Sarah Chang, is a Chinese-American. To keep the records straight, Sarah Chang is a Korean-American.

Chong S. Kim


New mothers need extra time

As a member of the Maryland Chapter of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, I feel compelled to comment on recent articles concerning the early medical discharge of women who have just given birth.

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