50 years agoUnion Mills was visited by a most destructive...


November 05, 1995|By Compiled from the files of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

50 years ago

Union Mills was visited by a most destructive fire last evening about 8:45 o'clock when the Arthur Hollinger antique shop was completely destroyed. Mr. Hollinger operated an antique shop and employed eight men, and was doing a fine business. Mr. Hollinger and his wife were not home at the time, being in Washington delivering a load of finished antique furniture to his trade and his son was in charge and had left the store earlier in the evening with everything in order. The fire caused much anxiety among the citizens of Union Mills until the firemen arrived zTC for protection. -- Democratic Advocate, Nov. 2, 1945.

75 years ago

At Halloween, according to the annual custom, the square was made the dumping ground for a miscellaneous collection of machinery, including tractors, automobiles and trucks, and it was with difficulty that vehicles could pass early Sunday morning. Nothing, however, was broken and the various articles were soon removed to the places from which they were taken. It evidently required considerable effort to bring some of the heavier pieces of machinery to the square. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Nov. 5, 1920.

100 years ago

A citizens meeting called by the fire department of this city was held at the City Council chamber in the Wantz building on Tuesday night for the purpose of consultation in regard to the character of the building about to be erected by the department. Many citizens have expressed a desire to have a market and opera house erected in connection with the engine house and offices required for the use of the fire department. But, of course, the firemen are unwilling to incur the indebtedness necessary to the accomplishment of that object. -- American Sentinel, Nov. 2, 1895.

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