City election endorsements The general election: The Sun endorses the following candidates in the Baltimore City elections. You may clip this list and take it with you into the voting booth.

November 05, 1995

Mayor: Kurt L. Schmoke (D)

City Council President: Lawrence A. Bell III (D)

Comptroller: Joan M. Pratt (D)

First Council District: John L. Cain (D), Lois A. Garey (D), Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr. (D)

Second Council District: Charlie Baskerville Jr. (R), Anthony J. Ambridge (D), Robert L. Douglass (D)

Third Council District: Martin O'Malley (D), Robert W. Curran (D), Joan Carter Conway (D)

Fourth Council District: Agnes Welch (D), Sheila Dixon (D), Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr. (D)

Fifth Council District: Rochelle Spector (D), Stephanie C. Rawlings (D), Helen Holton (D)

Sixth Council District: Joseph Brown Jr. (R), Melvin L. Stukes (D), Edward L. Reisinger (D)

Question A: Community development - $8 million loan program to improve existing housing and encourage home ownership. Vote YES.

Question B: Residential and commercial financing - $2.5 million for Baltimore Community Development Financing Corp. loans to improve residential and commercial property. Vote YES.

Question C: Economic development - $6.5 million for a loan fund to revitalize Howard Street, develop a children's museum and help biotechnology companies locate within the city. Vote YES.

Question D: Sinai Hospital - $1 million to be borrowed by the hospital for completion of a $12 million expansion of its emergency department. Vote YES.

Question E: Asbestos removal - $1 million to continue the city's program to remove and encapsulate asbestos in its facilities. Vote YES.

Question F: Recreation and Parks - $500,000 for an overhaul of the Cherry Hill Park Swimming Pool and Bath House. Vote YES.

Question G: Baltimore Zoo - $2.2 million to build the new Earth Conservation Center to replace the old barred cages at zoo's entrance. Vote YES.

Question H: City schools - $10 million for renovation projects, including $5 million for Mergenthaler Vocational High School and Hamilton Elementary School. Vote YES.

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