Man kills himself at hospital, wanted organs to be used for transplant

November 04, 1995

A Fells Point cabinet maker who committed suicide Thursday in front of a Montgomery County hospital had told police he would kill himself there so he could donate his organs for transplant, but the organs were not usable because of the way he died.

Sanford Abbe Schneider, 43, of the 300 block of S. Ann St. called Montgomery County police shortly before noon Thursday to announce he was going to kill himself in front of Suburban Hospital in Bethesda so his organs could be donated for transplant surgery, said Sgt. Wayne Jerman, a county police spokesman.

Shortly after calling police, Mr. Schneider shot himself in the head with a handgun in his car outside the hospital, leaving a note that indicated he was depressed, Sergeant Jerman said.

"He was intent on commiting suicide," Sergeant Jerman said. "The reason why he chose the location was he felt he would be able to donate his organs, and that's not possible."

Mr. Schneider's vital organs were useless for transplants because organs are usually taken from bodies of people who are brain-dead, but whose hearts are still pumping blood, police said.

A neighbor of Mr. Schneider on South Ann Street, who asked that her name not be used, described him as a quiet man who usually spoke to people only to say hello and had few visitors.

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