Detective ordered held without bail in robbery Police veteran is suspect in 6 other bank holdups

November 04, 1995|By Michael James | Michael James,SUN STAFF

Saying the suspect's exemplary life "is falling down around him," a federal judge yesterday ordered a veteran Baltimore police detective held without bail while awaiting trial on a bank robbery charge.

Federal prosecutors said Detective William F. Huebler also is suspected of committing six other bank robberies to ward off the impending foreclosure of his home.

"There must be something extremely wrong," said U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul M. Rosenberg, who noted Detective Huebler's excellent police background. "What's happened is totally out of character."

Assistant U.S. Attorney Carmina S. Hughes told the judge that Detective Huebler, a 15-year veteran assigned to investigate auto thefts, confessed after his arrest Monday to robbing a Glen Burnie Bank. She said he also confessed to robbing three other )) area banks and is a suspect in three more robberies, although additional charges have not been filed.

Ms. Hughes said investigators are looking into the possibility that the detective's "very desperate financial straits" were brought about by a gambling addiction.

"Gambling is the most likely scenario," she said. In an interview with FBI agents, the detective said he liked gambling and had lost $2,000 in a day at Laurel Race Course, the prosecutor said.

Court documents say that Detective Huebler robbed the banks to avert foreclosure on his home. Investigators suspect he robbed two banks Monday, in Glen Burnie and Perry Hall, then drove to Virginia and paid $8,040 in back mortgage payments.

He is believed to have robbed other banks in Bethesda and Baltimore, the FBI said. In the robberies, which typically netted $3,000 to $5,000, the robber never showed a weapon.

If convicted of unarmed robbery of seven banks, Detective Huebler would be sentenced to prison for five to seven years under federal guidelines, Ms. Hughes said.

Among evidence collected are marked $20 bills found at the detective's home and in money he paid the mortgage company. The bills were taken in robberies of $2,517 from the Glen Burnie bank and $4,387 from the Perry Hall bank, investigators said.

In his home, investigators found two fake beards, both believed used in disguises.

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