Environmental Elements pairs with Chinese firm


November 02, 1995

Environmental Elements Corp. will form a "strategic alliance" to produce parts for smokestack and other precipitators with Bengbu Environmental Protection Equipment Factory of China, the company said yesterday.

The Chinese partner, located in Anhui Province, Maryland's "sister province" and one of China's poorest regions, will be licensed to use some proprietary EEC technology for use in its own products.

It also will work with the Baltimore-based firm in a joint venture to produce anti-pollution devices for Bengbu's use and for export to the United States and to other Pacific Rim countries.

Because China has a "significant need for additional coal-fired electric generating capacity," which requires extensive use of anti-pollution equipment, a piece of the China market, "is of strategic importance," to EEC, said E. H. Verdery, the Baltimore firm's president and chief executive officer. The announcement culminated two years of negotiations, Mr. Verdery said.

The alliance is expected to receive the approval of Anhui Province authorities and be in effect by the end of the year.

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