100 years ago The Annapolis City Council adopted an...


October 29, 1995|By Robert M. Pennington from the archives of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

100 years ago The Annapolis City Council adopted an ordinance regulating the sale of gasoline and gunpowder. Three barrels of gasoline are permitted at one time on the premises with a gunpowder limit of 50 pounds in labeled canisters. -- The Sun, Nov. 12, 1895.

The Board of Public Works will appoint Julius Phipps to command the local guard boat in Herring Bay. The boat expenses will be paid jointly by private oystermen and the county. -- The Sun, Nov. 28, 1895.

The first class of naval cadets, comprising 27 in the line and 12 in the engineering division, went out in the bay to the ironclad monitor Amphitrite today for target practice. -- The Sun, Nov. 30, 1895.

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