Around the house* Clean interior of washing machine...


October 21, 1995|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Clean interior of washing machine. Remove built-up residue by filling with hot water and adding 1 gallon of distilled white vinegar. Run machine a full cycle. Do this at least once a year.

* Keep a colander in the sink when rinsing off dishes. Scrape plates over colander, rather than kitchen trash can. Liquid will drain from plates into sink; colander can be emptied into trash can.

* Spray laundry prewash onto stubborn stains on kitchen counter tops; let sit for half an hour. Rub off mark with the edge of a credit card.

* Protect fine china when storing. Place a paper plate between each dish while stacking on a shelf.

* In a hurry for that first cup of coffee each morning? Pre-measure seven pots of coffee into a week's worth of filters; stack into a coffee can and store in the freezer.

In the garden

* When collecting seeds for next year's garden, place on blotters to absorb excess moisture and avoid mold's forming.

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