UB law professor joins West's bar exam course


October 21, 1995

For the 17th year, University of Baltimore professor Byron Warnken will be nursing anxious law students as they prepare for the Maryland Bar exam.

But he's joining a different team.

Yesterday, Mr. Warnken said he has agreed to lead a new bar review course in Maryland for West Publishing Inc., the largest publisher of legal materials in the United States.

The announcement means Mr. Warnken will end his long run with a competing bar review course, SMH. Mr. Warnken has been course director of SMH's bar review course in Maryland since 1979.

Mr. Warnken said his first bar review course for West will be next summer. The SMH course will end in Maryland after Mr. Warnken's classes for students taking bar exams in February.

West's entry into the bar review business means two courses will compete for Maryland students. The other is Bar/Bri, an established course offered in 46 states.

Mr. Warnken said he was courted by West and Bar/Bri. He said he picked West because: "I could bring my toys and run my

course. I assumed it would be more complicated with Bar/Bri."

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