Waking up

October 18, 1995|By FRANKLIN MASON

SOMETIMES YOU LOOK in the mirror in the morning and your face isn't there, isn't awake, won't wake up. It is early, early in the morning. Perhaps you haven't a face. Certainly it isn't awake.

Or you can't see. See if you have a face. Early early in the morning.

It is called, you are not sure what it is called.

Perhaps, Waking Up. But you aren't awake, awake enough to call it Waking Up.

You can't see. You stand before the mirror and can't see. Or if you can see, your face isn't there to see.

Then you hear a small voice, a still small voice. Early in the morning, a small voice.

Go back, go back, it says. You are not sure what it says, what it means. Go back, it says.

You do not know what go back means. Perhaps it means go back to bed. You think it means go back to bed. But you don't listen, you can't listen, you can't see, you're not awake.

Are you before a mirror? Is there a mirror there?

Perhaps there is a bed. Back there. Perhaps it calls back there.

You rub your eyes, if you have eyes to rub, if you have a face.

And a still small voice calls again. Go back. And you know you can't.

You rub your eyes again, if you have eyes. And something happens, something happens if you know what something is.

An eye opens, one eye opens. You think one eye opens. You see, you think you see.

And there it is. There is your face, you think it is your face. In the mirror. You think it is a mirror. You think you are there.

It is called Waking Up.

You are not sure what it is called.

But still a still small voice calls. Calls go back.

But you can't. This is Waking Up, you think this is called Waking Up.

Is this called Waking Up?


Franklin Mason is a retired Evening Sun copy editor.

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