R.E.M.'s Buck has an ear for music variety

October 16, 1995|By J.D. Considine

Ever wonder what rock stars listen to while on tour? In the case of Peter Buck of R.E.M., it varies from day to day.

"Last night, I listened to 'The Joe Meeks Story' record, which is one of the sickest things I've ever heard," he continues. "There's a John Coltrane thing, 'Live in Seattle,' that's amazing. The new Blur record I really like. It's really new wave, but it's really cool, real musical. I really like it. I've also been listening to the Oasis record. I like it, because I like that kind of stuff, but it doesn't overwhelm me."

He has also been listening to the debut album by a Florida group called For Squirrels, whose singer, bassist and manager were killed in a car crash shortly before the album was released. "It's really sad," he says. "I was given a copy of their CD in Miami the day after [the accident]. It was like, 'Their manager wanted you to have it, and they were going to send it down anyway, because they knew they weren't going to be here.' . . . I can't really separate the experience -- the accident and the deaths -- and the record, but it's a good record.

"I got the second part of the Led Zeppelin boxed set, and played it last night. Some of the stuff I wasn't all that familiar with, because it was on records that I wasn't listening to; I was kind of into glam and the second half of Led Zeppelin's career. But that was really good."

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