75 years agoThe activities of plainclothes patrolmen in...


October 15, 1995|By From the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

75 years ago

The activities of plainclothes patrolmen in rounding up owners of untitled automobiles is causing considerable uneasiness among those who have neglected to comply with the title law, and some of those who have obtained titles are disturbed by the unhappy experiences of others who have confused body and chassis numbers with engine numbers in making out their applications. P.W. Wiedenmeyer, of Baltimore, who was fined $500 in the traffic court Thursday on a charge of giving false information, claims that he is a victim of such confusion and has appealed his case to a higher court. He explains that he did not learn until Thursday that his engine number was on the flywheel of his machine and having searched in vain for it when he made out his application, he gave the serial number of the car instead. -- Union Bridge Pilot, Oct. 8, 1920.

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