25 years ago (week of Oct. 4-10, 1970)The group of...


October 15, 1995|By Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society library.

25 years ago (week of Oct. 4-10, 1970)The group of educators who had studied Howard County's public school system in 1966 -- and found it wanting -- returned for another look. They found "astonishing" changes. On its previous visit, the group had warned that maintaining the status quo would result in a "slum school system." This time, however, the verdict was that Howard County's schools had been "rescued and turned around."

Concern was expressed that a decision to ban military recruiters from the campus of Johns Hopkins University could adversely affect the future of the university's Applied Physics Lab, a major county employer. The concern was sparked by a recently passed congressional bill dictating that Defense Department support be cut off from any institutions banning on-campus recruiters. Most of APL's work was performed for the Department of Defense.

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