From The Sun Oct. 15-21, 1845Oct. 21: Public School No...


October 15, 1995|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Oct. 15-21, 1845

Oct. 21: Public School No. 10, situated at the corner of Light and Cross streets, was yesterday opened for the reception of pupils.

From The Sun Oct. 15-21, 1895

Oct. 17: Tomorrow Mr. William Wallace Spencer, the donor of the colossal bronze statue of William Wallace, which overlooks the lake drive in Druid Hill Park, will observe his eightieth birthday.

From The Sun Oct. 15-21, 1945

Oct. 18: To promote safety for school children in riding streetcars and busses, the Montebello Demonstration School, in co-operation with the Baltimore Transit Company, will conduct drills for the school's children today.

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